We had something to shoot for after losing that first one to them. We were a lot hungrier this time, especially in the second half.

(My parents) aren't so much an influence on why I play, but I get my love and my passion for the game from them.

The key for those girls is confidence and playing without fear. They all did, even the ones who lost.

I've learned a lot, especially in my two college classes we have. Both are fun classes. Everything is more than I've expected.

We said that we needed to win this game. Our coach did well pumping us up, and good defense brought us back.

We're close to home, and we have family and friends there rooting for us, and that makes a big difference in your show.

AIDS is a widespread epidemic. It's such a serious issue. ... I realized that for a lot of college students, it's hard to go and get tested, so we decided to bring the testing to them.

I hope somebody wins. We can't handle the business we're getting.