It's not security measures, it's not prisons in Madrid and walls in Africa that will solve the problem.

There are all sorts of long-term problems that need to be tackled.

We have never known an Ivory Coast hostile to foreigners. We refuse to accept that image. This is not the Ivory Coast that we know.

In my eye, China is a nation that can always be a friend and partner of Africa.

One can't build prisons and walls in Africa, on our territory. One won't regulate it that way.

I witnessed with my own eyes China's great achievements made in economic growth, and feel that China is quite capable to adjust to the development of international situation.

Through peaceful means and dialogue within the framework of the Constitution and the law of the country.

This has the potential to escalate into a military confrontation, with far-reaching implications for the two countries and the region as a whole.

Without an African internal market, it is an illusion to believe that we can strive towards overseas markets.