Allen Walker
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"Japanese"Sanae Kobayashi"English"Todd Haberkorn


is the main protagonist of the D.Gray-man manga and anime series created by Katsura Hoshino. He was created from the female protagonist of the D.Gray-mans predecessor Zone; Hoshino lengthened the female character's hair to create Walker's design.

In the series, Walker joins the Black Order as an Exorcist, a soldier able to use the weaponized form of Innocence to destroy the Millennium Earl's Akuma. He fights against the Earl and his followers, the super-human Noah Family, to prevent their plan to destroy the world. He is also the prophesied Destroyer of Time believed to be the only one able to defeat the Earl. However, Walker is also Neah, the 14th Noah who was killed for betraying the Earl. Eventually, the Order revokes Walker's Exorcist status and treats him as a Noah, forcing Walker to flee the Order.

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What we are seeking is for the federal government to pick up the gap, ... The amount that they offer is not commensurate with the market rate for living in Atlanta.

It finally seems to be the right time. We seem to have an increased interest in nursing in our students, and some donors who are willing to help finance the program. There is a shortage of nurses worldwide, and it certainly fits well into the mission of FHU as far as serving others.

If I had my druthers, we would have been finished with this months ago.

It's a very meaningful service for those who attend. We feel like it's an appropriate time to have a service to close out the old year and launch the new one.

I'm attached to my sailors. I'm not attached to my ship. (As) long as I bring my sailors back home to their wife, their parent, I have done my job. We go on any ship as long as I keep my sailors on board that particular ship.

I like living in a smaller town better than I do the city. People in Memphis are spread out doing their own things. Everybody sticks together here.

I can't remember ever having Watch Night on a Saturday before. We're just going to have to see how that works out.