Our cap flexibility is what allowed us to get these two players as part of this deal. We were able to acquire two young, quality players while only giving up the rights to a player who has never appeared in a Hornets uniform.

They've opened up their arms and hearts for us. And we're really appreciative of that.

That's where we start (looking). Baton Rouge is the closest major city to New Orleans. Hard to say where this thing is going to take us in the next in few weeks.

As of right now, that's our only option, ... We'll look for others. But right now that seems to be the best.

That's where we start. Hard to say where this thing is going to take us in the next few weeks.

They were very nice to grant that to us.

The big thing is where to set up offices and where to play games. We want to make sure that the first two weeks (of workouts) we're in a facility where we feel comfortable.

There's just no communication. It's very tough.

The stress and strain of the last month took a serious toll on various health problems that I was already facing before the hurricane. After consulting with my physician, it became clear that stepping down was the only decision that made sense for me and my family.