If our economy depends on options we have a huge problem on our hands. Please don't insult my intelligence that badly.

The biggest problem is that you have reluctant sellers. There has not been enough pain yet.

It's hard to say how much progress the company's really making.

This doesn't change the size of the pie that people are fighting for. It just makes it more likely that Microsoft will get a bigger chunk of it without the government interfering.

This dark cloud of high expectations has weighed on the stocks and valuations reflect high expectations.

This is the same company that reported strong [cell-phone order] numbers on the surface last year this time and then managed to come out about a quarter later and say there was too much inventory out there.

The food chain is a mess. A lot of their customers are in flux.

It's very important to get gross margins moving in the right direction.

There will be plenty of opportunities to buy these stocks cheaper over the next six months before there is a sustainable recovery.