I thought I might make a few grand but I've made a fortune. It's been a crazy adventure.

All the money's kind of sitting in a bank account. I've treated myself to a car. I've only just passed my driving test, so I've bought myself a little black Mini.

What is happening to my Web site is like terrorism. If you pay you them, new attacks will start.

I didn't expect it to happen like that. To have the job offers and approaches from investors - the whole thing is kind of surreal. I'm still in a state of disbelief.

Globat.com was very quick to support my efforts to become the first Internet pixel millionaire, and I appreciate their dedication to support creative entrepreneurs.

I'm hoping someone might buy $50,000 worth.

The response has been incredible. The idea just seems to have caught people's imagination.

I thought, if I aim high (one million dollars, for example) and only get one or two percent of that figure, that would still help me out a great deal. I never expected the site to reach the level of success it has done.