I am hugely disappointed for him as although he still had to prove himself I felt the signs were very good.

Gary is going to go back to Plymouth and his future has yet to be decided. It is down to Plymouth and Gary. He has been a very good player for us but I also understand that he has been here on loan for two seasons.

We have a good nucleus and the beginnings of a team, and it is now a case of putting the right people with them.

He is homesick and wants to stay away. I am disappointed, but the South West is not for everyone.

It will be good to see what they are about and see how they are progressing and to see them in a senior environment. We have to be mindful of the fact we have the Grays game on Saturday and a lot of games after that as well.

He thought he could dry his socks in the microwave and he ended up training barefoot. The thing I am most glad about is that he has managed to dispel the tag that footballers are a bit stupid.