By the time we get to 2006 or 2007, there will be a ton of new service providers offering wireless voice and data, ... It's too late to think about the number of carriers shrinking. Five years from now we'll be looking at another wave of consolidation.

What's hot in cell phones last year isn't going to be hot this year. Nokia and Motorola are on the rise because they have product cachet now.

The market is intrigued by growth in Asia and but investors are divided on whether it's sustainable, ... Japan used to be a formidable economic power but it's been dormant so long that most tech investors grown accustomed to discounting it.

Texas Instruments reaffirmed that some of the fears in the marketplace were unfounded.

Right now the industry is all about data traffic.

I would much rather buy Nokia on weakness than chase short-term strength, ... The market is anticipating further weakness and disaster but I don't think that's the case.

After recent Nasdaq falls, Taiwan investors now are worried about the third-quarter profit performance by local technology firms.

Looking at the results leads me to say that the probability for cell phone unit sales to continue surprising experts for a third consecutive year remains very high.

Even if all global music revenue went through a mobile phone, it would barely lift the mobile market.