Al Thornton
FameRank: 5

"Al Thornton" is an American professional basketball player who currently plays for the NLEX Road Warriors of the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA). He had formerly played for the Los Angeles Clippers, Washington Wizards and the Golden State Warriors. Collegiately, he played for Florida State University.

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I feel like we're able to take coaching. You know the coaches are going to raise their voice and they're going to try to challenge you. Now we're taking it in and learning from our mistakes instead of getting mad at the coaches. We understand now that's their job. They're just trying to make us better. We understand they have to win and we have to win. It's just a learning process.

We just never got our offense going. We knew it was going to be tough and we didn't focus like we should have.

It's very important for us. We're known as a team around the league that doesn't play well on the road. We have to get that monkey off our backs.

I just tried to step up and be a leader and come through for my teammates.

He just stepped up and made the big plays that really got us going.

Looking back on the (Boston College) game, we could have easily won. It felt great to go out and score 37 points, but overall, it was a disappointment, because we did not win the game.

It's not just the coaches who are holding the players accountable. The players, we're holding each other accountable, too. That's a big difference as opposed to last year. We'd be arguing and there would be a lot of negativity. Who was getting the shots? Who was getting the minutes? Now, we're just together and it doesn't really matter who scores the points.

I'm being more assertive. It's something I can do. I'm just recognizing my potential.

We just have to be patient and attack the gaps. The main thing is to get what we want.