This was huge win for us. I feel like any time a team can get to .500 in a conference as good as the Big East, then they should receive an NCAA Tournament bid. The worst we can finish is .500. In the preseason, people thought we wouldn't even make the conference tournament.

All those offensive rebounds are nice, but they don't mean much if you can't convert them into points.

If you look at the shooting, the fact that we got 70 shots was amazing. I think that's a sign that they believed they could make the shot and a good majority of them went in and out.

They were better conditioned than us and are superior athletes. This game showed my players how hard you have to work to compete at this level. We are closing the gap, and I feel good about this team.

We didn't lose this game from lack of effort. I give credit to Connecticut because they are a top-notch program. But I am proud of our team and our effort.

We're not on Connecticut's level, but I think we're starting to get to the point that maybe we can be competitive with them.

The fact that we got 70 shots is amazing. Our shots, a great majority of them, were in and out, literally. That?s being a little bit tight maybe, and that happens when you play against a great team. I?m really proud of my team because I think we battled.

I think we really battled them. We did not lose this game because of a lack of effort and I think that's really important for us.

The fact that we got 70 shots is amazing. That's being a little bit tight. That's what happens when you play a great team. Connecticut weathered the storm. They're a great team.