To be honest, I'm not nervous, ... It sounds silly. This is totally different to me in some respects. But in others, I have been racing for too many years and Fontana is a track that I know.

To be honest, I have achieved a lot more success in my career than I ever dreamed.

I have not been driving a lot this year. I'm excited for this opportunity. I felt great in the car during the test we had at Fontana. It's going to be quite a challenge for me.

To get me on the right line at the beginning was a very big part.

I want to make sure I confirm things, even though I think I know them.

They'll say, `Adrian doesn't drive this, ... They're confused. They don't understand.

I'm very thankful he was here.

There are a lot of things that I don't know here, but I have really prepared myself in all aspects with the team and testing, and I've been asking a lot of questions.

We do things a little differently. We like to focus more on our things, ... If we need to do it (hospitality), we will do it, but we don't have to right now. I like presentation, I like things to look good and the cars to look good, but we try to make sure the focus is on the development of the car and the competitiveness of the team.