Adrian Bowyer
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"Adrian Bowyer" is a British engineer and mathematician, formerly an academic at the University of Bath.

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Born in 1952 in London, Bowyer is the older child of the late Rosemary and John Bowyer; the latter was a writer, painter and one of the founders of Zisman, Bowyer and Partners, consulting engineers. Bowyer was educated at Woodroffe School, Lyme Regis and Imperial College London.

In 1977 he joined the Mathematics Department at the University of Bath. Shortly after that he received a doctorate from Imperial College London for research in friction-induced vibration. Whilst working in the Mathematics Department he invented the algorithm for computing Voronoi diagrams that bears their names (the Bowyer–Watson algorithm).

He then spent twenty-two years as a lecturer then senior lecturer in the Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of Bath. He retired from academic life in 2012, though he is still a director of the company RepRap Professional Ltd He invented the RepRap Project - an open-source self-replicating 3D printer. The Guardian said of this, "[RepRap] has been called the invention that will bring down global capitalism, start a second industrial revolution and save the environment..."

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It is the first technology that we can have that can simultaneously make people more wealthy while reducing the need for industrial production.

It makes industry a little more like agriculture.

The most interesting part of this is that we're going to give it away.

Farmers have been dealing with self-replicating products for years.

If these machines take off, it will give individual people the chance to do this themselves, and we are talking about making a lot of our consumer goods. The effect this has on industry and society could be dramatic.