We tried to resolve this out of court, ... They made an offer to sell us these things for tens of thousands of dollars. We said 'no way.' .

The government is clearly as adept a PR machine as there ever was one.

For us it's not a big change - there's always been competition out there.

This action will not have any impact on the release date of Windows 98. We expect it to ship as scheduled on June 25.

But, to date, the Liberty Alliance has delivered no technology at all, ... It's just delivered a bunch of statements by Microsoft competitors that somehow some unannounced technology is better than proprietary technology, when in fact Passport is totally on path, announced in public to embrace an open industry standard that anybody can implement on.

It's been floating around in one form or another. It is sort of an unfortunate consequence of the freedom the Internet offers.

Doesn't cause problems with the Windows experience.

If you ask our customers, they prefer we take a couple of extra days before we post a patch rather than have the public know about the problem.

I'm not going to react to the judge. That would be counterproductive in general.