The entire line did a great job. The backs did a great job of hitting the holes and our quarterback made some great decisions.

It seems like the downtown is kind of reviving and we can be in an area with other businesses so we can benefit from each other's customer base.

We prepared for this game just like we would any other game, ... We knew we had to have another good week.

People have been very generous.

Owen is a hard worker and a very good athlete. The hard work part is rare because not many guys his age have a very good work ethic. They rely mostly on talent. He wants to improve.

There have been cases where, through physical injury, people have had the emotional center of the brain cut off from the rest of them. The result was they lost their ability to make decisions completely. Even simple things like what to eat for breakfast.

There is no question whether emotion plays a part of decision making. It plays a part of all behavior.

If something's already cooked in a bag, it definitely helps.

It seems like he's more excited about his tennis. It's like a new lease on life. He's been gaining confidence.