"Adam Leith Gollner" is a Canadian writer and musician who lives in Montreal. He has written two books, and is the former editor of Vice Magazine. Gollner has also played in bands including We Are Molecules, Dessert, and the Hot Pockets.

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Sir Bob raised a lot of money for charity and for Africa and that's not to be sneered at.

This is a comment on fear. Today it's like 'They're going to bomb the New York subway and there's the avian flu and 50 million of us are going to die.' We wanted to make fun of that fear-based culture we've been plunged into. And Halloween is the perfect metaphor for fear.

We respect Band Aid's ability to raise so much money for relief efforts, but their lyrics seem so misguided and inappropriate. Africa isn't a land 'where nothing ever grows' and 'no rain nor river flows.' And how are lines such as 'Well tonight thank God it's them instead of you' supposed to be helpful?

Nick had a lot of ideas. He was full of plans to change the universe.