I feel like I could fly, I am so happy.

I felt as if Hafez Al Assad was talking! He has send a clear message to his people, Arabs and the whole world that Syria is strong and fear can never find its way into the hearts of Syrians.

In principle, there are no problems.

They (Israelis) destroyed our homes and our mosques, ... Today it is our turn to destroy theirs.

This is not Arafat's business, ... We are citizens of the state of Israel.

I consider using the cell phone during driving a risk.

Just because we have a big guest, do we stop going to prayers?

This is an illegitimate constitution presented to the people by an untrustworthy government, ... Our only hope is that we are able to defeat the constitution and start again with a government that truly represents the Iraqi people.

We welcome news of the pope's arrival. It's a good thing - it will promote good feelings among us all, ... After all, it's the pope. He's not just anybody.