Abraham Kuyper
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"Abraham Kuijper", generally known as "Abraham Kuyper", was a Politics of the Netherlands/Dutch journalist, statesman and Neo-Calvinism/Neo-Calvinist theologian. He was a master organizer. He founded a new church (the Gereformeerde Kerken), a newspaper, the Free University of Amsterdam, and the Anti-Revolutionary Party. He served as prime minister of the Netherlands between 1901 and 1905. In religious affairs, he sought to adapt the Dutch Reformed Church to the challenges posed by the loss of state financial and aid, by religious pluralism, rising nationalism, and the arminian religious revivals of his day which denied predestination. He vigorously denounced modernism in theology as a fad that would pass away. In politics he dominated the Anti-Revolutionary Party (ARP) from its founding 1879 to his death in 1920. He promoted pillarization, the social expression of the Antithesis (Netherlands)/anti-thesis in public life, whereby Protestant, Catholic and secular elements each had their own independent schools, universities and social organizations.

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The seminaries must be like the churches' poor relations, prolonging their existence with austerity.

Do not bury our glorious orthodoxy in the treacherous pit of a spurious conservatism.

In the total expanse of human life there is not a single square inch of which the Christ, who alone is sovereign,does not declare,'That is mine!'