They completely rattled us and pushed us around. We're so used to starting our offense with Dionne that our offense just broke down.

It's going to be war out there. We already are really competitive, but this time neither of us can really afford to lose another game.

It's completely different from when I first got here, but we've got a different type of team now. People on this team get so focused on trying to remember what spot they're supposed to go to in triangle, the offense breaks down. With motion, we just all kind of go with the flow.

We know we messed up there and didn't play well at all. We made a lot of mistakes and didn't focus. This is our chance to fix that.

It was like, wow. I'd go to all the UTEP and New Mexico State games and there's hardly anyone there. You come up here and it's a totally different atmosphere.

We know we're hurting ourselves and have to find a way to focus as soon as the game starts.

They're really good, but we know we can beat them. We just have to prove it.

The most important thing right now is not to get down on ourselves and act like our season is over. We still have a lot of important games left. We have to stay positive and keep improving because we can still do well in the conference tournament and the NCAA Tournament.

We came out so fired up against them because we're determined not to lose anymore. I think we played great defense especially in the low post. Colorado State's got the best post players in the conference, and we shut them down.