"Aaron White" is an multi-award-nominated United States/American actor and director, his most notable work for The Dance: The History of American Minstrelsy, which he co-directed with Jason Christophe White (no relation). He is also an independent music producer, and the owner and founder of Slingshot Media.

He graduated from St. Bernard High School (Los Angeles, California)/St. Bernard High School, in Playa del Rey/Playa Del Rey, CA, in 1998, and is a graduate of The California Institute of the Arts, where he received a B.F.A. in Theater in 2003.

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I believe if life gives you lemons make lemonade…then find someone that life gave vodka to and have a party.

I think the big question is how much more expensive it will make the wine. The real test of it is once it's produced and on the shelf, what are people willing to pay?

Star Wars Episode Three (And One Quarter): Revenge Of The Hicks.

We're going to win - I promise you.

It's amazing how much people really do want to conform.

I hope you've enjoyed some of the new stuff tonight as well as some of the old stuff, ... I'll never forget this night as long as I live.

Drunk in Public Tour.

That's the other guy, ... I'm more of a shut-r-down kind of guy.

As a woman grows older, you can give her a [tummy-tuck], you can give her LASIK if her vision goes bad and you can give her a hearing aid. But you can't cure stupid.

It's not like driving the freeways of California. It's dog-eat-dog out here. You have to have water and food and be ready for most anything to happen.

You actually are in alcohol withdrawal during a hangover.

I think things for us are really coming together at this point. Our distance events are getting much stronger.

Like a lot of Iowans, I have to drive just to meet basic needs, ... Am I going to drive into town for a loaf of bread and a half gallon of milk or am going into town to play cards with friends? Probably not. So it's definitely fewer trips.