I think (Marta) can do some good things this year.

Trevor really stepped up and threw really well at the state meet. This year I would like him to be more consistent throughout the year at that level and continue to get a little better each week.

We have a tough conference to compete in but we definitely have some individuals that can do very well in the conference and hopefully the balance will help the team side of it more.

I think (Martens) can improve and be more competitive at the state level.

Lee has been working hard this year. Hopefully he can improve and get some places.

They are kind of the backbone for our throwers.

Practices are going well - they are working hard. We have got in some good workouts and made some gains but we are also getting a little beat up with the shin splints because of the hard surface and tight corners.

So for both teams we have a lot better balance than we have had in the past. We have more areas covered and so hopefully compete in every event. Not only have someone in the event but have some decent quality.

I am really happy with the way they have been participating in that role and taking on that for the team and that is a real positive for us.