It was a big performance. He stepped up again and made some big pitches when he had to. (He) led us into a big win.

If we'd made a play behind him, it'd have been a whole lot different. He threw the ball well. I'm proud of his effort. He competed out there for us. That's what we've got to have going into the district tournament.

You can't say enough about what he did. He just stood there and threw strikes. Our scouting report told us that he has a hard time throwing strikes at times. Today he didn't. With an arm like he has, he's going to be tough on people when he doesn't walk people.

Matt did another outstanding job. He hadn't pitched in a week. He probably didn't have his best stuff but he stayed out there and competed for us. He just kind of kept us where we needed to be in the game.

We did a good job of getting guys on. The thing we didn't do today is we didn't finish it up. Early on this year, that's kind of been a problem that we've had. When we've drove in runs, we've played pretty well. Today, we just didn't get that run in.

When you know you're facing a good pitcher like they had going today, you try to do anything. We tried to make a few plays and we just kind of didn't go at the right time and they handled it well. That was the difference in the game.