This is our biggest fund-raiser of the year; The absolute biggest, and we haven't had one of these affairs for five or six years, so it is important to the organization that we have a successful banquet Friday night.

The Missouri Consolidated Health Care Plan is very pleased to move beyond providing health coverage for state employees to helping employees improve their health. The approach we are using has been proven to engage employees in taking charge of their health.

One of the many fun things I find is that there are a lot more women in management here than in western Europe.

We won it lock, stock and barrel.

There was no heat, ... You could see your breath.

This is one Ducks Unlimited banquet you won't want to miss.

It has to do with the fact that finance in the past was something administrative, and that was something you leave up to women.

He was one of the leaders in the switch from hot type to cold type at the Courier in 1963.

They do a great job and get their hands up. I'm going to give them all the credit in the world defensively.

We gave him open looks with so many opportunities, whether it was guarding him too much full-court, not picking him up soon enough, trying to switch, trying to help. We know he's a great player and you've got to stay with him. You can't lose him, and we lost him too much.

Having a young team that battled back, I'm really proud of these guys. I think we got something started here at the end of the year that I think we're going to be anxious to pick up on next year.

Good times, good fun, good food for all.