Aaron Gagnon
FameRank: 2

"Aaron Gagnon" is a Canada/Canadian professional ice hockey Centre (ice hockey)/centre, who plays for Lukko Rauma in the Finland/Finnish Liiga.

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The speed of the game stood out for me in terms of thinking quickly and making decisions. When guys get the puck on their tape it is off almost immediately and you have to learn to break to holes and understand that someone is going to be on top of you constantly.

I started the season and two games in I am hurt. To go through an injury like that for six weeks was hard since most of it was a mental challenge more than physical to not let that pull you down.

I've been putting too much pressure on myself all season to go out and score all the time. I have to lose some of that weight. If I just go out and play my hardest, good things will happen.

It was pretty disappointing to get away from something that worked so well for us. After the game we were pretty mad about it. But it's [the] playoffs and all we're thinking about is our next game.

Players who are going to move on in their hockey careers show up in the big games. To be a great player you have to be a great player in the playoffs.

We just have to battle through this stretch. We went through the same thing at the start of the year with guys out and a seven-game streak and were able to come back. Hopefully we can do that again starting this weekend.

I couldn't even hear myself think when I went out there, it was so loud. I knew I was going with that move right away - I just tried to slip it under his pad and it was a big relief, to say the least.

That shows that when we've lost, we've lost by quite a few. It's good, though, because there are always a lot of one-goal games in the playoffs.

I know my skating is my strength, but a small guy like me has to be much better than everyone else. There are some areas I need to work on ? my overall strength and defensive responsibilities ? if I want to make it to the NHL.