It was a good game for us. We had a young pitcher on the mound and it was good to have him pitch against a team like South Shore.

Everybody was hitting the ball that inning for us.

Dylan threw strikes and that made for a good outing.

That's our whole season. We push every team to five games or three games. That's our season in a nutshell. We can't put anyone away.

We're missing some of the veteran studs we had in lineup in years past, but we're looking forward to another good season.

This was by far the biggest win in 10 years. This was probably the most heart shown by any team I've coached in volleyball by far. The girls really stepped it up for this (match).

He pitched well, but we didn't back him up with the defense he deserved.

We played well, but had too many errors. We had a five-out inning in the fifth.

We sort of held on from there.