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19 zion quotes follow in order of popularity. Be sure to bookmark and share your favorites!

Supposedly so the story goes, the first white man came in and climbed up there on top of that pass...and when you get up there, you are looking right up main street Zion, right up Zion canyon and he is the first white man to see Zion canyon, is the way the story goes. Now there is lot's of other lies that can be told and I am sure if you come down to the Jamboree those will be told to you.

Jayvar Campbell

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The move will help Zion in the long run. They may struggle for a couple years before they get to know the competition there. There's just got to be a transition period, don't you think? Hopefully, they've prepared.

Gene Curran

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Well the floor is painted and ... it's a wonderful combination of things from Zion house in London and other things we found in books. It is based on a design probably done in marble, originally.

Mario Buatta

[He quipped that his wife bemoaned one day,] Are you watching another prison movie? ... The Sons of Zion.

Matt Cooper

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We especially got hurt on the defensive boards. (Zion) had a lot of put-backs. We did a good job initially defending them, but then we let them have too many second and third shots.

Brian Phelan

Jonathan more than qualifies on all levels for Prisoner of Zion status. It's time for the Israeli government to actually do something positive to bring my husband home.

Jonathan Pollard

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We want everyone to be welcome to Beth Zion. That is a big message of Messiah.

Marlene Rosenberg

It was fun watching the big men bang on each other all night. We thought we had a little more experience on Zion, and I think that paid off when someone like Dana played like he did in a big game.

Brian Colbert

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This [Mount Zion-Carroll] game was not pretty.

Joe Shadowens

For members and Scotty Zion followers, we're having a freebie day on Aug. 16. We don't have much in the kitchen and when it's gone it's gone. I picked that night to include Scotty Zion and his wife.

Patrick Griffet

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When we were patient on offense and got a good shot, we did well. When we played too fast and didn't get a good shot, we let Zion back into the game. Benny did a real nice job for us. He wanted to win.

Pat Ambrose

That was a good job by (Mount Zion). That's what we preach to our kids - scoring runs early. We were just so inconsistent.

Katie O'connell

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