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This is the old stagecoach stop on the Yellowstone Trail.

Sherry Cargill

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Their No. 3 hitter hit one that would have been out of Yellowstone, but Evan caught it at the base of the wall. I'm very proud of our outfield.

Jeff Finch

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We're inferring that there is a liquid water reservoir under the surface and it's erupting in a geyser-like fashion, maybe like the Yellowstone geysers you would see.

Linda Spilker

Commerce is always preceded by explorers. We now have Yellowstone Park but long before you had Yellowstone Park, you had to have Lewis and Clark map the Louisiana purchase. We are the Lewis and Clarks of the underwater world. and those can only lead to economic benefits, not only to America, but to the world.

Kevin Gray

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Sadly, the Bush administration's sellout of Yellowstone to the snowmobile industry overrides the professional judgment of park rangers and the men and women charged with ensuring the health of our environment nationwide.

Sean Smith

The Yellowstone ecosystem has a fixed amount of habitat. Once bears fill that habitat, the excess bears will probably wind up where they don't belong and are going to die.

Chuck Schwartz

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They've been a tremendous conservation asset in terms of introducing Yellowstone genes into the Jackson herd, which helps maintain genetic diversity.

Steve Cain

We get people from all over the country, and that's where they go to ride. It would be as detrimental to me closing Mount Jefferson as closing Yellowstone Park was to the town of West Yellowstone — it would kill us.

Kevin Phillips

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The Fish and Wildlife Service's finding utterly failed to consider the magnitude of the threat facing Yellowstone cutthroat trout. The Yellowstone cutthroat trout is beset by a multitude of factors and requires immediate protection under the Endangered Species Act.

Noah Greenwald

They're not going to get their way. We will retain the right to shoot those (bison) that cannot be captured near West Yellowstone.

Larry Petersen

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If you cut off snowmobiles in Yellowstone tomorrow or for next season, it would devastate our community. I'm talking about your fire department, your police department, your school system.

Jerry Johnson

To allow that kind of thing just because a set of recreational users want to take snowmobiles and whatever else into Yellowstone is crazy.

Bill Wade

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The government's plan confines Yellowstone grizzlies to an area too small to keep bears here and healthy in the long term.

Louisa Willcox

We love national parks and lodges, particularly those built in the 1930s and '40s. We've been to lodges in North Carolina, in Yellowstone, Yosemite and most recently Lake Louise and Banff. We also like to go skiing in Aspen and enjoy the look of the ski lodges.

Rick Woods

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I'm still concerned with what's going on in the Lower Yellowstone. That's an area for one that hasn't been improving like other areas, and also the area down around Red Lodge.

Roy Kaiser

This increase means that Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Glacier and the Tetons will be the most expensive parks in the country to enter but there's a lot of bang for the buck.

James Doyle

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We could turn what has been a success and the Yellowstone grizzly is a success into something with a different ending with neglect.

Louisa Willcox

It's the right time of year. The Yellowstone packs mate about Valentine's Day. It's probably a young wolf looking for love.

Ed Bangs

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