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176 yellow quotes follow in order of popularity. Be sure to bookmark and share your favorites!

Spending an evening on the World Wide Web is much like sitting down to a dinner of Cheetos, two hours later your fingers are yellow and you're no longer hungry, but you haven't been nourished.

Clifford Stoll

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Sundown, yellow moon, I replay the past. I know every scene by heart, they all went by so fast.

Bob Dylan

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Just 20 years ago, 95 percent of our revenues came from wired phone lines. Today, 35 percent comes from voice lines and 65 percent comes from broadband, wireless and Yellow Pages.

Ron Frieson

In forming a judgment, lay your hearts void of foretaken opinions; else, whatsoever is done or said, will be measured by a wrong rule; like them who have jaundice, to whom everything appears yellow.

Sir Philip Sidney

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Neither was a straight red, both were for two yellow cards.

Michael Essien

Color is bigger than ever, ... We have been talking about color for a few years, and this season it is taking off. With our idea of fused color, it is off the chart. We are mixing lavender with grass and salmon with tangerines. Really beautiful -- green and yellow all in the same lens, and it just gives it a fabulous effect.

Marc Jacobs

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This fabric existed, but in different colors, darker, masculine -- like black and yellow. So we decided to reprint it in lilac and pink for me.

Donatella Versace

One memory that just really stood out in my mind was our first home basketball game. She had some time before the game started. Each one of the girls came up to her, and she asked them how they wanted their hair done. They sat in front of her and she did their hair in blue and yellow ribbons.

Mary Hamilton

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At zero there was the flash. The first thing I saw was a yellow-orange fireball . . . . A mushroom-shaped cloud of glowing magenta began to rise over the desert where the explosion had been. My first thought was, "My God, that is beautiful!"

Jeremy Bernstein

I started doing this style late summer of 2005, after deciding that I loved to paint outside, and that by the time I'd figured out a good composition and color world, the light would have changed completely. The solution? Paint in monochrome. The basic palate tends to be a warm white, a cool white, unbleached titanium, Naples yellow, cobalt or ultramarine blue, transparent red oxide and viridian.

Charlie Hunter

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I think that one of the nice things about the Yellow Submarine movie is that it seems to be perennial. People enjoy watching from each generation. And it was like the Beatles themselves. You know the Beatles seem to find new audience each time another generation comes along.

George Martin

People are so busy thinking about today, they don't think about yesterday, ... We want it to be said that the Yellow Jackets are our team.

Brian Harris

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For those of you watching in black and white, Spurs are in the all yellow strip.

David Pleat

It has big, big dots reminiscent of the '50s, and the prints are really fun. They evoke again the mood and the turquoise and yellow colors of Capri.

Adrienne Vittadini

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The first priority is to run the yellow buses and then it depends on what happens with the fuel supply.

Steve Bryant

There's nothing in the middle of the road but yellow stripes and dead armadillos.

Jim Hightower

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The '80s were fabulous. The '90s sucked, and the '70s were just a sad, sad time in human history. Go 1980s! There's something that's just so cute about that time. And not just yellow nail polish and 'I'm a loner.'

Jennifer Sky

Because our mail goes through the Brentwood processing center [in Washington], which tested positive for anthrax, all our mail is irradiated, but the machines were set so high they cooked the mail, basically destroying it. The letters just fell apart. But I think they must have turned the machines down, because now the letters are just yellow.

David Barna

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There is a yellow one that won't accept a black one, that won't accept a red one, that won't accept a white one.

Sly Stone

Less than two weeks after her surgery, I took her to Target. She had her little yellow mask on.

Debbie Horne

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