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I've always done things the hard way. I was born like a piece of tangled yarn. The job is trying to untangle it, and I'll probably go on doing it for the rest of my life.

Karen Allen

The export-oriented category includes furniture, plastics, footwear and the spinning and yarn industries.

Ansari Bukhari

One of the problems with bad history is that when it's repeated often enough, then it becomes the story. He never says here's where he got this or that. We don't know if this is something told by a member of his family, or some yarn he heard hanging around Town Hall or over the wood stove.

Susan Richardson

Ah, 'tis a good strong yarn, about the sea, and all the legends that surround it.

Brian Jacques

It's not your grandma's yarn shop anymore. The yarns do all the work for you.

Karen Weiberg

You can put buttons on the bear or mark your bear with markers, and here's all the glue you need. You can also use yarn for hair.

Jennifer Baker

Knitting and crocheting are huge trends right now and many of the latest fashions include knitted and crocheted items or trim. Designer Nicole Miller included a crochet-topped party dress in her latest line. So, grab a few balls of yarn, a needle or a hook and join the fun.

Kate Walsh

If you bought yarn, you couldn't buy a jacket.

Herald Alfredo Castillo

We view this decision as a mistake. There are seven or eight domestic companies that can provide these yarn counts and this yarn.

Michael Hubbard

I know we can do other things with our time, but is so easy to pick up a crochet needle and skeins of yarn to fashion an item that is greatly needed by people right here in our own community. A warm afghan is a wonderful way to wrap a senior citizen in Christian love.

Annette Garrick

I must down to the seas again to the vagrant gypsy life,To the gull's way and the whale's way where the wind's like a whetted knife; And all I ask is a merry yarn from a laughing fellow-rover, And quiet sleep and a sweet dream when the long trick's o.

John Masefield