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[The second version] will look at how we can control the hardware using the standard ways of rebooting. We will also look at how we can make the integration of clusters into the applications, including workstation applications, even easier. We are also looking at performance monitoring tools for the cluster space as a whole, which is a big area for development.

Kyril Faenov

This is the last hurrah for the current architecture. The next version of Microsoft's consumer operating system, Windows 2000, will be based on [a Windows] NT kernel. The business user transition from Windows 95 to NT Workstation is gradually emerging.

Chris Le Tocq

With a 64-bit workstation, we're allowed to have more memory, and with that artists can get more images loaded. They're not waiting on rendering.

Cliff Plumer

Users report that not only are they more aware of the need to stretch, but they also are motivated to maintain proper workstation setup.

Arthur Salzman

With more branded NT workstations shipping than Unix workstations in 1998, NT is driving the growth in the workstation market. NT workstations have surpassed the start-up phase and have become mainstream in the workstation market.

Tom Copeland

Ideally each workstation will be capable of detecting what it thinks is a new virus. And it should be able to get a response in 30 minutes.

Roger Thompson

We feel that by combining Red Hat's strengths in servers and workstation technology with Cygnus' expertise in small devices, we're creating a compelling story for the post-PC world.

Erik Troan