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(The project) is a key component of posturing the arsenal for future workload and the white phosphorous modernization effort will improve the safety, environmental performance, flexibility of the operation and efficiency of the filling of the munitions.

Larry Wright

We provide military value, and that's the bottom line, ... We're getting back vehicles every day that are battle-weary. Our workload has jumped by leaps and bounds.

Dennis Lewis

Quotas make an unnecessary workload for officers and inconvenience citizens who are following the rules. If an officer observes a violation, they should act on it, but they shouldn't be seeking out or creating situations that aren't there.

Christopher Merdon

The workload at both places is unbelievable. The difference with the NBA is you can play a bad game and still win a series. In the NCAA, you play a bad game, and you're going home.

Jim Boylen

They decide by drawing a marble from a leather bottle until they've all been assigned an opinion. That assures a random, even distribution of the workload for the judges. It's an important practice because it takes away the notion that opinions could be assigned for any other reason.

Chris Davey

Lauren brings a ton of experience to the field. She seems to be mentally tougher than she was last year. It was her first season carrying the workload last year, and she's ready to resume that roll once again.

Krystle Petty

I think our workload has increased 100 percent in the last two months.

Rebecca Caldwell

In terms of workload, it?s been a strain. But financially, we?re fine.

Pat Gruber

Basically, each day is fresh to me. I mean that I look at the tasks set before me at the beginning of each day, and the checklist is brand new without the stresses of the overall workload.

Steven Arnold

I can see us eventually taking on more of the administrative workload and freeing up volunteers to do what they do best: working with the students. I think this is a great bridge between town and gown.

Peter Briggs

This isn't a strike for more money or less workload. It's about one issue - quality.

Ted Montgomery

Brad was given a grueling workload. Now he's battle-tested for his new role.

Burt Hooton

You can imagine the workload we were dealing with, with all the offshore infrastructure and having to brief the president and the secretary of Interior.

Jason Mathews

When we keep these units in the system right now, what it means is these decisions don't have to be made, and the workload of teachers is not going to be impacted.

Kevin Foley

Looking at the amount of work accomplished during the first weeks of October, there was a substantial workload increase.

Larry Greer

The guys have worked very, very hard. The preparation from Adelaide has been an unbelievable workload.

Mark Skaife

Within the agency, I've always been treated fairly, ... I stood out because I was the only bilingual Hispanic, I believe, for about the first 13 years in the sheriff's office in my career. I ended up getting all the high-profile felony cases -- homicides, shootings, robberies -- involving Spanish-speaking individuals. So it accelerated my training, but it put a heavy workload on me.

Raul Ramirez

It was difficult to exclude him but we don't want to see another breakdown of our main bowler. His fitness level is still not up to the mark for taking the workload in the longer-version game.

Faruque Ahmed

There was not much energy left and the team couldn't lift the performance. I think the sheer volume of cricket, both matches and practice, have taken their toll but this is the kind of workload I want them to be able to cope with when the World Cup comes around.

Andy Moles

This is for any workload which needs high-power computing. We are seeing a transition from government and academic use to a broader market - to bring it into the mainstream. The sweet spot is not for really big machines but in the range of 4 to 64 way machines.

Bob Muglia