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Eventually, last spring, the $500,000 and $300,000 were withdrawn because the funding package was not complete.

Cassandra Wilson

I have recently moved away but I am glad to hear the proposals were withdrawn. It was just the wrong site for a caravan park of that scale and the roads around it were entirely unsuitable.

David Sheldon

[We] can report that the service was withdrawn, due to lack of patronage, after its operation on Friday 23 December.

Martin Wright

In the current circumstances and based upon the positions taken by U S West Inc. in its press release earlier this afternoon, the major telecommunications company has withdrawn from discussions to acquire Qwest and U S West.

Joseph Nacchio

The basic demand of young people and of employees is that the law be withdrawn. He has to respond to the people in the street.

Gerard Aschieri

You're going to pay taxes on the (withdrawn) earnings that you've accumulated. The government's also going to tack on a 10% withdrawal penalty.

Stuart Ritter

I am not against reservations. If the constitution of India provides special privileges to backward sections of the society then it cannot be withdrawn.

Verghese Kurien

I am shy, withdrawn and not good at speaking. Kan can ably explain to the public in a manner in which they can understand.

Ichiro Ozawa

The cases are being withdrawn.

Kelley Smith

We requested that they be withdrawn from that process. I don't want to comment any further.

Mike Daniels

As the Ethiopian government has reiterated on numerous occasions, it has no interest in occupying sovereign Eritrean territory and, having achieved its goals, it has withdrawn its troops accordingly.

Selome Taddesse

At the conclusion of the season, we agreed to work with the Red Sox in exploring potential trade possibilities. We have never withdrawn our willingness to cooperate in that process and remain open to discussing trade possibilities.

Greg Genske

If it's 26 percent, then the number of troops withdrawn will be the same, 26 percent.

Sofyan Djalil

Any company that violates the law will have its license withdrawn.

Ade Suharsono

I have given much thought to the matter, and have withdrawn my application for the England bowling coach post.

Allan Donald

We thought the church had withdrawn from interfering in Italian politics ... but instead there is a terrible resurgence. These are ugly signs for freedom of expression.

Dario Fo

In the week after Sierra died, Sylvia was withdrawn. When the other females were grooming and socializing, she tended to sit alone and rarely interacted even with her other relatives.

Anne Engh

With a Roth IRA, no taxes are due when money is withdrawn. A kid who started saving at age 15 (with a Roth IRA) could grow a $1 million tax-free income.

Nancy Granovsky

I have decided that the force shall be withdrawn.

Knut Vollebaek

After great consideration and reasoning, I have decided that I will never sell my Wimbledon trophies and rackets and I have withdrawn them from sale.

Bjorn Borg