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Montessori is a movement that is expanding like wildfire. Today people think about education; there are a lot more choices. I think people are looking for alternatives.

Marlene Barron

Summit County had a wildfire problem before the beetle, we certainly have a significant problem with the beetle right now and we're going to have one after the beetle disappears.

Jeff Berino

Though reduced, wildfire risks are always present and people are reminded to be careful with fire at all times.

Rich Coleman

If they are determined to live in those areas, we ask that they build in consideration of what the standards should be. Look at how many homes in wildfire-prone areas have wooden siding? Let's just use some common sense.

Wendy Rose

This has been a very deadly wildfire season, but Texas communities have shown strength, and we're going to continue fighting these fires from the ground and from the air.

Rachael Novier

When you are kind to someone in trouble, you hope they'll remember and be kind to someone else. And it'll become like a wildfire.

Whoopi Goldberg

This is a terrific opportunity to shine a spotlight on important issues surrounding Black Hills National Forest, including forest health and wildfire prevention. Ensuring appropriate forest policy is essential not only to preserving South Dakota's wonderful natural resources, but to our tourism and economy as well.

Stephanie Herseth

He surprised himself by how well he played early on. He kept picking up momentum and by the end he felt he could take it to the next level. His name got out there late in recruiting then it picked up like wildfire.

Keith Simons

Wildfire and Geraint have raced extremely well but I think their best is yet to come. We're a very young kennel and Kennan and Hayden Lee are just two of the pups giving us a boost.

Terry Green

Two years ago we did an on-site survey of 1,700 homes. We had 25 percent that could have survived a wildfire. Now we're at 50 percent.

Larry Southard

Casinos are spreading like wildfire, and it seems to be an entertainment option that a significant number of people engage in. That's just the reality of gaming that it is proving to be attractive to a great number of people.

Ron Porter

We really need an inch of rain to reduce the threat of wildfire.

Kent Nelson

If this does spread, it could go like wildfire. It could devastate potato production.

Joe Guilian

That all adds up to very dangerous and extreme wildfire conditions.

Michelann Ooten

It's not any more irrational to rebuild here than to rebuild after an earthquake in San Francisco or a wildfire in California.

John Mccusker

The firefighters would make headway in a particular area, and then an ember would move to another field and we'd have another wildfire. We've been chasing these since Tuesday, and in some cases, in some areas of the state, they've been dealing with this off and on for the last three or four weeks.

Michelann Ooten

Experts agree that a bird flu pandemic could strike and race across the world like wildfire, but experts say with the right amount of preparation and planning, officials in Wisconsin should be able to snuff out any crisis.

Brendan Conway

What's happening with AJAX itself is it's catching on like wildfire at the grass roots.

Ray Valdes

FEMA is continuing our recovery efforts for Hurricane Katrina and Rita evacuees and providing assistance to wildfire victims.

Sandy Coachman

It went through the building like wildfire. Like a hurricane, literally.

Deanna Hindenach