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Dr. Tan sent me an e-mail about two months ago and I told him no. We don't have a wheelchair division because of the difficulty of the course. We have three miles of gravel and rock and I didn't think it could be done.

Joe Duncan

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He is in a wheelchair because some of the nerves in the brain have been damaged. He has had learned to talk, hold his head up and everything again.

Sherry Scarberry

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The best way to know how to handle situations with somebody in a wheelchair is to ask somebody in a wheelchair.

Daniel Sutherland

One of the things that is real neat to see is the start of the wheelchair race. That is really inspirational to see those guys out there.

Connie Feist

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I met a man across the street, he's in a wheelchair and he patrols the neighborhood, yeah, and I met another lady across the alley and yeah, I want to meet them all.

Loretta Dahl

Until a couple of years ago, if you were in a wheelchair, you weren't expected to work.

Robert Stephens

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That really brought it home for us. As emotional as it was for people in the stands to see Tara in that wheelchair, when you start to think of what could have happened ... it makes you appreciate the fact she is still with us.

Melanie Davis

Edna has to be lifted out of bed and into her wheelchair and back. I can't do that.

Betty Ellis

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As the service moved forward toward its powerful climax, the miracles would begin. Kathryn would suddenly announce that a person in one of the balconies had been healed of an ailment, and someone in the wheelchair section was healed of cancer. On and on the announcements continued as the ushers moved up and down the aisles locating those who claimed to be healed in one of the ways described.

Margo Mong

In the time of FDR, he felt it would not have been politically expedient for him to be seen often in his wheelchair. He thought people would take that as a sign of weakness.

Alan Reich

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I learned to find the bright side, ... I knew I was in a wheelchair, but I was happy I was there. I had two legs, and they were going to get better.

Angela Moore

Every morning began with Roz getting her mother up, dressed and in a wheelchair, then going off to teach classes, grade papers and write for the newspaper.

W. Hull

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John is not really handicapped. Yes, he's in a wheelchair, but he isn't handicapped. What he has done is an incredible achievement. John is the engine ? he's the guy who makes it all work. His energy is infectious. We're proud to include him as part of the Ducks' family.

Frank Boulton

She has the strength of a trooper. She has never complained once. She has never cried about being in a wheelchair, not once, not once.

Tonya David

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It teaches them that it takes a lot of skill to play wheelchair basketball and it gives them a new respect for (what it means)to get in a chair.

Arthur Parsons

They see me wheeling around in a beautiful gown, and they realize you can look elegant, and you can lead a happy life in a wheelchair. I know I've helped handicapped people, because I've received many comments.

Anna Lee

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I'm not used to being physical in a wheelchair, so I have to get used to that. But other than that, I like it.

James Brady

Edwin was a tough, tough old guy. He played as recently as November in Baton Rouge, even though he was playing in a wheelchair and it was difficult for him to go.

Ben Sandmel

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If a dog is less than 20 pounds, it can't pull a wheelchair. It can't guide an adult.

Dawn Capp

I had tremendous family support, and I had the drive to say, 'I don't want to be strapped in a wheelchair all my life.' I lost my legs in February and played my first nine holes of golf that June.

Bob Wilson

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