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Weston Freehill and Aaron Lamie really ran well in the second half. They looked pretty good.

Robert Gray

We've been at this for a good three years. We have a lot of time, effort and energy involved. We're in field goal distance, but we want a touchdown. They (the people of Weston Ranch) really want to see a quality development, and I've assured them that this is going to be a first-class project.

Steve Carrigan

If I could teach the kids to identify and appreciate their natural environment, then they will have a sense of place and care about Weston.

Roy Rogers

There was a tremendous need at the time for more options for younger kids because Weston was so young.

Brent Goldman

Sales of existing products are slow in some segments, such as the cookies and cakes, and Weston does need to be innovative to keep sales momentum going.

Patrick Schumann

At this point, the records are gone. They're a quick, scrappy team. Weston is not big, but rely a lot on quickness. We're all after the same thing: winning a state title.

Shelia Smith

It makes us feel real good to be back here, and we're blessed. But, I really like our chances against Greenville-Weston, though.

Shelia Smith

She's the best girls swimmer we've ever had at Weston without a doubt and we've had some good ones. In addition to the points Eliza scores for us, she brings so much out of the pool. She's a great captain and leader.

Pete Foley

I knew Weston had a no-hitter, but it wasn't a priority. The priority was to get a win and to get ready for two conference games this week. We got the win, and any win is a good win for us right now.

Chris Cauble

I grew up looking at Edward Weston and Henri Cartier-Bresson.

Chris Jordan