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Weston Freehill and Aaron Lamie really ran well in the second half. They looked pretty good.

Robert Gray

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We have a great rivalry with Weston. It's a friendly rivalry, but a good one. It'll be exciting.

Gary Chase

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There was a tremendous need at the time for more options for younger kids because Weston was so young.

Brent Goldman

We wrestled great tonight. It meant a lot to the kids. It's been a strange year with the dual tournament. It's been a challenge keeping the kids focused. Weston is a really good team. They wrestled hard. I'm thrilled that we wrestled as well as we did.

Gary Chase

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At this point, the records are gone. They're a quick, scrappy team. Weston is not big, but rely a lot on quickness. We're all after the same thing: winning a state title.

Shelia Smith

We want to keep their minds on the Weston businesses, and this would provide them access to locations they are looking for in Weston. Let's keep the spending dollar in Weston and benefit our businesses as well.

Denise Barrett

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She's the best girls swimmer we've ever had at Weston without a doubt and we've had some good ones. In addition to the points Eliza scores for us, she brings so much out of the pool. She's a great captain and leader.

Pete Foley

Smithy is a quality addition and skipper Dave Weston is happy with how things are shaping up for the new season.

Mel Booth

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I grew up looking at Edward Weston and Henri Cartier-Bresson.

Chris Jordan