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31 welsh quotes follow in order of popularity. Be sure to bookmark and share your favorites!

From next April we will be directly funded by the Welsh Assembly.

Peter Bellingham

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Ten Welsh players in the squad is not too bad - I think it is more than what people would have said at the start of the season - so I don't think we can complain too much.

Gavin Henson

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What we can't afford to do and what Welsh rugby can't afford to do is to lose its stars to England or France.

Gareth Jenkins

I saw Beckham go over and applaud the Welsh fans at the end of the match which was a magnificent gesture on his behalf. He appreciated the fantastic support they had given the Welsh team.

David Collins

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I was born and bred on Anglo-Welsh clashes and some of the games were infamous.

Gareth Jenkins

Successful sides strike a balance between having a mix of experienced players and young talent, and we are pleased to confirm contract extensions for two of the most talented young players in Welsh rugby.

Derwyn Jones

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I'll be visiting the houses of the British Parliament and will be staying with a Welsh family for four days. And I'll be going to Stonehenge and lots of different places.

Katelyn Maresh

A lot of my fondness for music came from them, and no doubt from their Welsh and Irish ancestry, too. When I reached 12, I finally knew I wanted to be a singer.

Hayley Westenra

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Certain comments and actions in the build-up to the England and Poland games have made my position within the Welsh squad untenable for the time being.

Ben Thatcher

It'll be a hell of a challenge for them to find someone who speaks, say, Arabic and Welsh.

David Davis

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There is merit in that argument. I see no logic, though, in committing coaching suicide as per the Welsh.

Martyn Thomas

I think (Bittner) is a born leader and would do anything for the team. Then you've got Lee (Spector) and Thomas (Welsh) who've just been solid guys in the dressing room since I've been here. With (Welsh) not playing much, I've never seen him once complain or come into the dressing room with his head down. That takes a lot ... and I give him so much credit for that.

Rod Pelley

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I have loved my time in Wales, and I feel a particular affinity with the Welsh people.

David Moffett

The attitude of both the Welsh rugby team and English cricket team is very similar.

Hugh Morris

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The injury isn't too serious and James should be all right to rejoin the Welsh Sevens squad for Hong Kong.

Rowland Phillips

There are not a whole lot of outlets for [Welsh] music.

Rik Rice

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Where do I start? My former manager, Phil Kingsley-Jones, is Welsh, and I've spent a lot of time in the Principality, and I am looking for a challenge and a platform which will allow me a standard of rugby which will allow me to prove to my critics that I am not some washed-up has-been.

Jonah Lomu

It is all part of a major Welsh revival. We are raising our game, and not just on the rugby field.

Rhodri Morgan

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I almost never work in Welsh.

Matthew Rhys

I like comedy that comes from a dark place. There is a certain darkness, a lyrical darkness, in the Welsh character and that is very good for creating art.

Rob Brydon

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