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Let's say it was half a watermelon. People took pictures of it with their cell phones. It was grotesque. I couldn't lay on my back for weeks.

Josh Norris

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We always try to do something fun on Fridays. We have snow cones or watermelon. We make it a little different from the normal school year.

Alan Hawkins

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About eight of the sides were hits I had over at RCA, ... Then we recut `Keeper of the Stars,' and `I'm From the Country' and `Watermelon Crawl' just because they were such big hits from the first of my career.

Tracy Byrd

Last week, two watermelon growers called me describing a silvery-whitish cast to the crowns of the melons, that ran along the row. When I inspected the fields, I could see no signs of any disease that would cause a problem like this.

Tim Baker

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