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A woman, a dog and a walnut tree, the more you beat them, the better they be.

Dr. Thomas Fuller

Maple is in high demand for furniture and cabinets, and walnut and cherry bring a high price because it's hard to find in quantity and quality.

Billy Thomas

Big Walnut and Watkins Memorial are looking solid. They're all pretty good teams in this division. We won last year, and we have a majority of the team back this year. It is looking promising. We have juniors and seniors back that bring a lot of experience and leadership.

Brad Harris

We will have our hands full. Big Walnut is playing well. We hope to continue to play well and improve. Last year we were beaten soundly by them. We beat Liberty (35-34 on Jan. 6) we match up very well with them. Our kids will be enthusiastic. We have a chance to finish as high as third in the league, which says a lot.

Jim Link

We got those close wins over Big Walnut and Central Crossing, who are very good teams, early and the kids really started to believe in themselves. We started setting our goals higher after that.

Matt Hammons

The Pac-10 is very pleased to reach an agreement to send a conference team to the Diamond Walnut San Francisco Bowl, ... The game has come a long way in a short period of time and garnered a tremendous amount of community support.

Jim Muldoon

I would not have one as a pet. The only things they think about are food, reproduction and survival. That's it. They are not capable of analyzing much more than that. Their brains are the size of a walnut. They can't process information.

Gary Morse

The company made drawer sides from oak, mostly high-end bedroom and dining furniture. Tyler Plywood cut exotic veneers, walnut, mahogany, cherry - just about any type of wood you could think of on the higher end.

Steve Tyler