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It was one of those rare things that happened, ... If anything is going to go wacky, it is going to go wacky in America.

Bob Ward

Using these terms in daily business is about as professional as wearing a novelty tie or having a wacky ringtone on your phone.

John Lister

Some wacky owners treat their companies like their own little fiefdoms.

Kate Wendleton

I thought it [Star Wars] was too wacky for the general public.

George Lucas

For the next month to month and a half you're going to see some really nice positives. You have month's end on a half day next Friday. All kinds of wacky things take place on these half days. Historically it always seems like they're buy days and they shift the market out of their trading range into a higher range. I think we're set up for that.

Michael O'hare

We grew up in the Garbage Pail Kids era with the Wacky Packs. We miss that kind of fun we used to have when we were kids, flipping through the packs and chewing the gum and reading the funny little jokes.

Shawn Wayans

I've been fascinated by this wacky piece of architecture since I can remember, basically. And I think it would be a crime to lose it.

Thom Johnson

Piano players are all wacky, and drummers just like to make noise. The bass player has to be responsible.

John Kolivas

I can't figure the stock market out. I think it's wacky. I have done well with a long-term strategy and will continue being a long-term investor.

Scott Mcnealy

When I came to Los Angeles, it was the first time that I ever felt like I belong somewhere. Not because it was wacky, but because people here understood what I felt like to perform, and there were other kids my age who wanted to do it. I didn't get looked at as God, you freak.

Jennifer Love Hewitt

We try to create a culture that thrives on innovative thinking. Part of that is creating a climate where it is OK to think and express new ideas even if they are a little bit wacky — where there is no fear of people looking at you funny because you thought of something a little outside the box.

Mark Durcan

Think of the toddler years as a wacky and crazy - but short - period of time, ... Slow down and see past the chaos of it, and you'll see that good things truly do come in small packages.

Paula Spencer

She's pretty much a no-nonsense type of person when it comes to working out. But in terms of leadership and being a team captain, she'll do things like designate some days as freaky Friday and wacky Wednesday to pick up the esprit de corps. She hits all bases on leadership.

David Moser

A great part of this wacky soap world is continuity, and this show has never lost sight of that. Of all the shows, 'As the World Turns' has stayed truest to its original identity. And at the same time, the stories they're telling are completely contemporary.

Michael Logan