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Visiting officials will of course meet with their appropriate counterparts.

Frederick Jones

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Gracie comes home from the hospital after visiting a sick friend. (George) 'Where did you get the flowers?' (Gracie) 'I went to visit Mable.' (George) 'Yeah, so?' (Gracie) 'WELL, you told me to take her flowers!'

Gracie Allen

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We are often asked by event planners and visiting media why Indianapolis is continually selected to host so many national and international events. Each time, the answer remains the same: our local volunteers. Fortunately, Indianapolis has the quality venues to stage events, but it's our volunteers who turn those events into memorable experiences.

Bob Schultz

[She loved to travel, visiting places such as Alaska, Europe, Florida and California, with her daughter Carol Ann Marsh. Marsh was on the boat Sunday with Beamish but survived the accident.] She was a feisty woman, ... She was a clown. She made everyone laugh. Everyone loved to be around her.

Ann Marsh

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I wish that every player could feel what I've felt in visiting ballparks. The receptions I've received, it's blown me away. It's absolutely remarkable.

Mark Mcgwire

When you go to plant a flag on the visiting team's field, it's a form of taunting, ... What message are you sending when you spear it into the turf of your defeated opponent?

Brad Davis

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Charismatic is an overused term, but that came up frequently with Jim. He hit it off so well with faculty and staff and students. Jim was consistently one of the folks people wanted to continue visiting with.

Bill Thornton

Hopefully [we will] have candidates visiting campus in mid-April.

Corinne Kowpak

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This heavy recreation use requires extra caution and patience when visiting the many snow parks and trails.

Chris Sabo

Baseball is a game of race, creed, and color. The race is to first base. The creed is the rules of the game. The color? Well, the home team wears white uniforms, and the visiting team wears gray.

Joe Garagiola

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The two juveniles were from Hendersonville and were in Brevard visiting family.

James Dodson

It's really close. They're visiting regularly, they're going through the county, local and state types of permitting processes ... We're anticipating some good news in the next couple of weeks.

Pat Boss

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India is a stop along the way toward visiting all those countries -- including China and Brazil which we visited earlier -- that we regard as having the potential to become the major economies of the 21st century.

Tim Adams

Is there intelligent life on earth? Yes, but I'm only visiting.


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Our views have not changed that the VFA is a mutually beneficial and useful framework that clarifies the legal status of visiting US military personnel and enables both the US and the Philippines to advance their national security interests.

Matthew Lussenhop

This year we have had Flat Stanley visiting the Winter Olympics and many countries abroad.

Jackie Gutierrez

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The first day we had very heavy volumes with hundreds of thousands of people visiting the site trying to get their report.

John Danaher

They can be greeting folks while I'm visiting with family.

Vanessa Walker

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I know he has considerable sway. I saw it first hand. His predecessors were visiting the leaders, repeating the talking points.

Peter Galbraith

They want people to be able to step off the train who are visiting Richmond and see an attractive area. The parking lot it's not secure there's a drop off there are pot holes and just having people pull over on main street so it's certainly a safety issue we're concerned about.

Britt Drewes

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