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I think computer viruses should count as life. I think it says something about human nature that the only form of life we have created so far is purely destructive. We've created life in our own image.

Stephen Hawking

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There are many different types of viruses.

Gordon Mills

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The problem is that, just like real viruses, we can't stamp out computer strains. Viruses never go away, and what we don't need is 1 million virus signatures in virus scanners.

Paul Robertson

There are almost no viruses for Linux. Certainly I've never seen one.

Tom Welch

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We see people talking about the digital Pearl Harbor from the worms and Trojans and viruses. But in all probability, there's more likelihood of what we call the 'backhoe attack' that would have more impact on a region then a Code Red, or anything we've seen so far.

Howard Schmidt

We documented a clear difference between bird viruses and human viruses.

Clayton Naeve

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We fully expect this exploit to be utilized in the next year [by other viruses].

Vincent Gullotto

Cisco's and Nortel's systems use Windows, which has so many umbrellas on top to make it look simple. But it's complicated underneath, and it's vulnerable to viruses. Unix is a more perfected and hardened OS than Windows.

Bob Inpyn

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While the US accounted for over half of all spam sent two years ago, it is now less than a quarter. This shows that more Americans are protecting their home computers from hackers. The reality is simply that more viruses, worms and Trojan horses are being designed to take over innocent users' computers to steal information or send out spam.

Brett Myroff

I think we as physicians are going to see assembly of a large number of antimicrobial peptides targeted against specific organisms, including viruses.

Michael Zasloff

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The new approach is a more rapid approach because polio is considered a public health emergency of international importance. In an interconnected world, these viruses travel easily and don't respect international borders.

C. David Heymann

We do have standard protection on every desktop. But shoot, we're seeing viruses all the time that our software doesn't catch.

George Taylor

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This combination of talent and technology will provide powerful and unique innovation to better understand and pro-actively anticipate the behavior of these complex viruses.

Pete Martinez

The previous vaccine we developed was a strain obtained in Vietnam from 2004. The vaccine against the Vietnam virus would not be the most appropriate to protect against the Indonesia-like viruses.

Ruben Donis

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Goner is one of the most incredibly fast-moving and potentially dangerous e-mail viruses we've seen, ... We've seen most cases occur in France, the UK and the United States, in that order.

Mark Sunner

Research tells us that most Americans don't understand that antibiotics kill bacteria, not viruses. People go to their doctor and request antibiotics for themselves or a sick child, when it is not the appropriate course of treatment.

Betsy Bauman

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The major reason we are seeing antibiotic resistance is overuse of antibiotics in the population for illnesses that don't require antibiotics -- typically colds, sore throats, quote bronchitis unquote -- illnesses that would resolve by themselves because they are caused by viruses.

Bob Harrison

The more these viruses interact with the human population, the more likely it is that it could adopt this type of mutation.

James Stevens

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Many users will now delete an e-mail attachment that seems suspicious rather than open it up, so it has become more difficult for viruses to spread quickly.

Peter Firstbrook

What we saw 20 years ago was really technical enthusiasts, and people creating proof of concept viruses. For the first seven or eight years that was really who made these things.

Sal Viveros

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