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The prevailing vibe out here is that everyone is having a pretty good year. It's hard to find negative things to say about the online advertising market in 2004.

Charles Buchwalter

I don't ever want to fit my music into one genre, because every song needs to develop the way it wants to. It has to have its own feel and vibe. I'm noticing that songs can be way across the spectrum and still fit together and tell a story.

Chloe Day

I just never fantasized about Mr. Rogers, but I like his whole vibe.

Catherine Keener

We liked playing at Squirrels. We always had a lot of fun. It's a pain taking the equipment up those stairs, but Squirrels has a great vibe.

Wayne Horvitz

I think it can sneak through. (Progressive rock stations) may play it. It needs to pick up the kind of vibe that John Mayer and Gavin McGraw that aren't straight up rock but pop tendencies.

Jon Nicholson

Once you have an animal, you have to commit to it. They need a sense of freedom, but, of course, they must have some boundaries. I am against hitting them though; just send the vibe and that will do it.

Connie Stevens

Some people erroneously call this a remix record, when it's really a full-blown production. We're writing songs around what she already wrote down, being inspired by her vibe. We were going off Sister Gertrude ? she was in the room with us because her spirit, her vibe is so huge, the essence of everything. She had this great message in the '60s, one that's just as relevant in 2005.

Tim Motzer

I think we all like to work as a team. They (the varsity team) don't have the same vibe as our team, we all have a lot in common.

Vanchessca Allen

More a positive vibe because he is feeling better.

Keith Dugger

Yeah, classic rock is our station of choice. It's part of the vibe here. It fits pretty good with our target market of 25- to 55-year-olds.

Doug Hodge

I fell in love with the place immediately. Venice has such a great vibe to it — there's a little bit of everything there. Plus, it was right on the boardwalk, so anytime you needed to escape or boost your creativity or just take a walk, it was all right there at your fingertips. It inspired everything for the record: musically, lyrically.

Matt Caughthran

It is different; there's no way to replace the Sail Inn. But once the music starts, the shoes come off and everyone starts dancing, the vibe is the same. And that's what brings the people back - the vibe. The surroundings don't matter as long as they can feel the vibe from the music.

Gina Lombardi

It's worth about a half-billion dollars now. He had magazine publishing, too, with Liberty. It's ironic because I ended up being the founder of Vibe magazine. There are just a few people who will teach you what that's about.

Quincy Jones

They didn't guarantee me anything, but the vibe I got from them from what they said to me was that they weren't going to trade me any time in the near future. That's relative to whatever you think the near future is, but I thought it came pretty quick.

Bronson Arroyo

We're not trying to play the country you hear on the radio. We're going for a more 1960s country vibe. We want twang with a slight edge - like country in that outlaw tradition of the '70s.

Jake Mccarthy

Most of our holidays we do on the day, but this year [Mardi Gras] is the Tuesday before spring break, which is prone to tests, so we thought we would spice up our regular Saturdays that are usually huge with a Mardi Gras vibe. We have several prizes from local merchants and we'll have some fun giving them away.

Alex Gray

I'm as excited as a kid with a new toy to be able to create a unique, exciting, urban superhero for a magazine that I respect as much as VIBE.

Stan Lee

It was important to us because you want to have a good vibe going in. We're still going to go out tonight and have a good time; I'm sure (Taurasi) won't hold it against me. I'm sure she would have tried to kick my butt if the roles were reversed, anyway.

Sue Bird

We have a very young vibe.

Brian Scott

Teddy is a guy you grew up with. He's in control, yet approachable. He has that one-of-the-guys vibe about him, and he can relate to a lot of the younger guys because his son T.J. is their age. Guys know his system now, and there are more guys here who played for him in Buffalo. That shortens our chemistry curve.

Lance Johnstone