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Science is nothing but trained and organized common sense, differing from the latter only as a veteran may differ from a raw recruit: and its methods differ from those of common sense only as far as the guardsman's cut and thrust differ from the manner in which a savage wields his club.

Thomas H. Huxley

That team was more talented than this one. But we were able to get the veteran players to buy into the program. You don't lead by lip service, you lead by example.

Jim Leyland

Brian Kemp is an internationally-experienced veteran with nearly four decades of engineering and business development experience in the electronics sector. We are pleased to have him establish and grow our European presence.

Michael Devlin

He is here and trained. He is just waiting for his visa, which usually takes from one to two weeks. Hopefully, he will be ready for next weekend. He is a versatile guy. I think it is important to add a veteran of the league.

Greg Andrulis

You can't do that. We're a veteran team.

Colin Falls

She did it all this year with the poise of a veteran and class, ... It's hard to imagine a player who loves the game more. I can't wait to see what she does for an encore next year.

Val Ackerman

He plays the game like a veteran. He's looking at the game like a veteran. I saw some of the reads he was picking up and some of our veteran quarterbacks weren't picking them up as fast as he was, so that's to his credit.

Fred Miller

I think this is a good fit. They need a veteran safety to come in and run the back end [of the defense]. ... The things they do in Tim Lewis' defense are very similar to what we did in Baltimore. He saw a lot of things he can do with me, and I love that.

Will Demps

He's as good as anyone -- kid or veteran -- making adjustments. He knows himself and knows the game, so he can self-correct and improve. David's going to play at a high level pretty soon.

Mike Cameron

[Arizona at NY Giants: 3:15 p.m. Sunday, Giants by 3 – Plaxico Burress left Pittsburgh in free agency because all the Steelers did was run. Now, the veteran receiver is looking to make a connection with second-year quarterback Eli Manning.] Hopefully, ... that Manning-to-Burress thing can be a big thing around here.

Plaxico Burress

If this organization is so cheap … they gave him $5.8 million contract, didn't they? All I know is, you look at a lot of these veteran guys in the league, I don't think they ever said that about the Rays.

Toby Hall

Morimoto is very focused, ... He's all about business and a veteran of a lot of competition. I was just very aware of who I was going against.

Aaron Sanchez

These three guys represent the veteran leadership of our club, ... We feel that with their experience, especially at the NHL level, as well as their work habits at practice every day, that they are right guys to lead this club. They will have a major role in developing our team's identity and work ethic.

Tom Rowe

He may be a rookie, but he looks like a 10-year veteran to me. You hear things about people before you see them. You have to see them [to see if it's true], and what I've heard so far seems to be true.

Jocelyn Thibault

All monies received go back into veteran programs. We live on donations.

Roben Smith

The purpose of the expos is to match federal agencies and big companies with veteran-owned business. The secondary goal is to help promote policy, understanding and communication.

Chris Hale

You've got to live on the edge with a young guy as he learns and as he gets experience, ... That's all part of it. You measure that against getting a veteran guy who maybe can come in right away and pick it up and play, but doesn't have the top side you're looking for.

Randy Mueller

I think the veteran guys will adapt to their new roles. We have some promising young players, who will need to have solid seasons.

Chuck Schoolcraft

For us younger guys, we just want to perform. The veteran guys are prepared to steer. They'll take us wherever we're going.

Bryan Howard

He's the captain, he's the veteran, and when you see him play like he's playing right now, you just have to follow him.

Steve Bernier