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I just liked the notion of a guy trying desperately to tell a sex story but having no knowledge of sex or no handle on the vernacular of sex talk, and trying to invent it with very adept guys who have told the sex story many, many times.

Steve Carell

One of the things that's so devastating about this storm is Biloxi was really being restored — from the really grand, public historic buildings to the smallest vernacular cottages.

Lolly Barnes

I've developed my own vernacular because what I do is unique.

Joe Weinstein

The word 'stoked' is definitely part of my vernacular for both. Of course, I'm trying not to alienate the viewer who doesn't know as much about these sports. But, when I'm presenting it to the masses, I also want to get them into the sport and show them the culture.

Todd Richards

We are thrilled to introduce This is Your Life to a whole new generation of ABC viewers, ... was more than just one of America's best-loved television shows; it became a cherished part of the American vernacular.

Andrea Wong