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I was lucky, I had a Verizon phone and it had great service all through the storm.

Chris Eyre

This will help Alltel customers, too, ... because Alltel and Verizon use the same towers.

Brad Moore

Our BroadbandAccess laptop service for business customers and V CAST consumer multimedia service are market-leading, thanks to support from EV-DO network infrastructure providers such as Nortel. We will stay at the forefront of the 3G world by continuing to work with Nortel to attain the added benefits Rev. A will give the award-winning Verizon Wireless network.

Bill Stone

Today, Verizon Wireless has expanded the reach of its EV-DO network, but we're also rewarding new and existing voice customers with a tremendous opportunity to save when they sign up for BroadbandAccess.

John Stratton