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The problem was, the earlier vaccines didn't cause long-lasting immunity, ... Frequent boosting was required.

Paul Offit

We're scaring people away needlessly from very safe vaccines.

Diane Peterson

Vaccines and drugs are important, but that's your back-up if all else fails. If we can eliminate the disease in poultry and get it under control we're halfway to being a lot safer.

William Karesh

We're concerned and alarmed by the lack of innovation in this area. There are very few manufacturers of vaccines today, and the plants are not distributed widely.

Brook Byers

But if (nursing homes) don't have vaccines by the end of the month, they will probably start making more fervent pleas.

John Ricci

The vaccines business is a key growth driver.

Martin Hall

Some 300,000 vaccines arrived today but it is of no use as we cannot administer them to those already infected.

Kp Kushwaha

Most of what I hear is that they're just busy. It's not in the front of their minds, and they just forget about it. Some people are concerned about finances. But if people don't have health insurance, they can come to the health department and get reduced-cost vaccines.

Kelly Martin

We think this will provide more rapid development and approval of vaccines.

Dr. Janet Woodcock

It is almost never possible to do pre-licensing studies that are large enough to find very rare events with great certainty, ... We have to find the correct balance between safety and making new preventive tools -- such as vaccines -- at a cost our society can afford.

Robert Lowell

It's keeping your children healthy. We don't see many of these diseases anymore because vaccines have eradicated them from our lifestyle.

Kelly Martin

Bird flu is something we should be prepared for, but even if a pandemic never happens, everything we learn now from this vaccine can be applied to vaccines for other emerging infectious diseases.

Dr Andrea Gambotto

Humans don't have resistance to H5N1, and currently vaccines to H5N1 are still being developed. And, the available evidence shows that the most recent strains isolated from humans in Asia are no longer sensitive to inhibition by the amantadine family of drugs.

Robert Webster

We know much more today than we did in 1997 when the first case appeared. That there are candidate vaccines in development, some are in clinical trial already, so I think it's important not to panic.

Dr. Kanta Subbarao

There are a number of studies published that report on varying degrees of effectiveness. But there are also a lot of studies that point to the fact that the vaccines are effective in preventing the serious complications that lead to hospitalizations and death, and that's an important note that we should never lose sight of.

Tom Skinner

Currently, here in the United States, we have very limited capacity to build vaccines. They are working on it, but [faster vaccine production] is not going to happen in the next year or two. It's going to take time.

Capt. Lynn Slepski

The vaccines have undergone pre-clinical tests ... and I hope they will be completed in three to four months.

Mikhail Zurabov

Our plan is to turn around the Chiron vaccines business, which will require investments in R&D and manufacturing to increase quality and capacity.

Daniel Vasella

We are pretty complacent about vaccine-preventable diseases, primarily because the vaccines are so effective we rarely see the diseases. It's kind of out-of-sight, out-of-mind.

David Neumann

Vaccines and drugs are important, but that's your back-up if all else fails.

William Karesh