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The TA is a response to the Government's interest in promoting urbanization in metropolitan regions to generate a wide range of jobs for rural migrants. The Government is also intent on making this urbanization environmentally sustainable.

Sangay Penjor

There's a strong correlation between urbanization and demand for raw materials. With new roads, hospitals, airports, schools and housing comes rising demand for lumber, cement, steel, copper, rubber, glass and a host of other basic materials.

Joseph Quinlan

Due to urbanization, a lot of the wells have been abandoned. In the 1950s, there were 500,000 acre-feet of water reserves, now there are only 300,000 acre-feet. We are looking to return to our historical capacity.

Scott Harelson

The reality is that both trends are occurring. The dramatic fertility decline during the 20th century coincided with improved health, access to family planning, economic development, and urbanization.

Carl Haub

In countries like Egypt, where there is not much arable land and all the urbanization is taking place along the Nile River, in terms of local food supply it is a serious issue.

Marc Imhoff

I'd love to build in the feeling of early San Antonio, which was an oasis, which was why everybody came here. Urbanization has to some degree wiped that out ... we've been cutting trees and putting cement everywhere we can since then.

Phil Hardberger