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Totally unprofessional and out of line.

John Rocker

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They're different, ... We record the live shows and it's very unprofessional at this point -- like, sometimes they sound good and sometimes they sound terrible but it's really fun. It's like having my own little radio show. I think it's great. We listen to all of the (National Public Radio) stuff on Sundays. It's kind of like having my own version.

Liz Phair

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What he did was totally irresponsible, unprofessional and went into criminal conduct. Justice demands that he be arrested.

Luis Carrillo

This is not a political process. The Public Service Board is a judicial body. We felt like it would be really unprofessional to interfere in that process.

John Harbison

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We are quite disappointed at the unprofessional and dangerous acts of the ships. The company is preparing to file a lawsuit against the ships' operators because they not only brought danger to Odyssey, but to their own ships. The company will file a lawsuit against the crew members too since they violated a lot of maritime affairs rules.

Greg Stemm

To talk about [sales tax rates] independent of what we're currently facing is slightly unprofessional.

Laurence Kotlikoff

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I think that is unprofessional, I think that is unethical and I am aghast that somebody would do that. This is a closed club, and they don't want anybody in their club, and that's what this e-mail says.

Dan Bonner

We are concerned solely with indoctrination, one-sided presentation of ideological controversies and unprofessional classroom behavior.

Andrew Jones

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It is not unprofessional to give free legal advice, but advertising that the first visit will be free is a bit like a fox telling chickens he will not bite them until they cross the threshold of the hen house.

Warren E. Burger

You have been fighting but you did not have the expertise. You are like that the unprofessional cook who cooks malakwang (an Acholi delicacy), but now we said come here and become better cooks, if you have been quack doctors, we have trained you and made you professional doctors .

Yoweri Museveni

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I'm really disappointed in the Guardian Angels. They aren't as organized as I expected them to be. I didn't realize how unprofessional they are.

Jeff Schmidt

I know the sheriff and his administration. It sounds like a turf battle, but I'm prejudiced because I know the sheriff wouldn't allow anything unprofessional or illegal in his shop.

Commissioner Paul Elizondo

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That was totally unprofessional, pointing their guns at us like that, ... The Army has been patrolling this street for a week, and they know what's going on here. All the police had to do was ask them, and they would have known everything they needed to know about this street.

Chris White

My mind was gone. I chucked it away. I will probably regret what I have done. I know it is an unprofessional thing to do but I live with regrets all my life anyway.

Michael Holt

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I think they were greedy, heartless, insensitive, unprofessional, unethical.

Edward Fagan