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41 quotes about undermining follow in order of popularity. Be sure to bookmark and share your favorites!

We don't have ETA claiming these attacks but (they) bear its signatures... ETA is aiming at disrupting democracy in Spain. Terrorism is always aiming at undermining our principles and values and our ability to live peacefully in democracy.

Ana Palacio

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People in the U.S. were hoarding gold. It was undermining the nation's financial system. And FDR, almost as soon as he became president, within a couple of days, took us, by executive order, off the gold standard.

David Redden

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We believe there is not going to be any undermining of the environment.

Neil Abercrombie

This provision actually provides a back door for undermining that.

Murray Mollard

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It is clear that a substantial section of the public believes what she did was undermining good governance, irrespective of the rights and wrongs of this particular case. This suggests the presidency will have to reformulate the guidelines in an appropriate manner.

Paul Graham

Terrorism first and foremost is a psychological weapon aimed at undermining policies and values. It's a tough balance.

Frank Cilluffo

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The ruling party under President Yoweri Museveni is playing a dirty game of intimidating the electorate and undermining the opposition. The illegal involvement of the army in the campaign scares the electorate, while the opposition has its hands tied by politically motivated criminal charges against its leaders.

Jemera Rone

Stop Undermining My Constitutional Right to Represent Myself.

Charles Freeman

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By firing my assistant the board is undermining township government and the fiscal officer.

Lori Montag

I will not uphold a breach of international law or this undermining of the U.N. and will resign from the government.

Clare Short

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If your house has got a gaping hole in the roof, and water's pouring in and it's undermining the whole house and the foundation, you don't say you're going to double up on the mortgage payments and just keep paying that off, and we're not going to care what happens to the house. You pay attention to fundamentals.

Peter Mclaughlin

If the U.S. and the world do not buy the necessary time for Iraq to be able to shoulder their own infrastructure, it will risk undermining, or even reversing, the value of the investments we have made.

Stuart Bowen

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It runs the risk of undermining the manner in which we consider the cases. Certainly it will change our proceedings. And I don't think for the better.

Clarence Thomas

Enron is providing the counterforce right now. It's undermining a number of industries such as utilities, banks, insurance and energy companies.

Ned Riley

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Instead of undermining protections that America's coasts have long enjoyed, the Sierra Club is urging Congress and the administration to move more in the direction of Senators Nelson and Martinez. It's time to shift the national debate on offshore drilling closer to securing permanent protection for America's fragile coasts.

Melinda Pierce

I can't see any particular catalyst for the market going lower because there is the prospect of economic recovery, and improving expectations for economic growth in due course should feed through to improving expectations for earnings and should stop undermining apparently bad valuations.

Robert Kerr

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It is an odd war, because the side that I think is losing garners all the press. Yet we hear nothing of the other side that is ever so slowly, shrewdly undermining the enemy.

Victor Davis Hanson

Helped disrupt shared cultural memory, undermining community unity and adding to the pressures that have induced millions of Americans, white and black, to leave the cities for the suburbs and small towns.

William Leach

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These cuts will bring devastation to the delivery of vocational courses, apprenticeships and adult learning, seriously undermining the government's skills agenda.

Mark Serwotka

'Catch-22' undermines the whole heroic logic of World War II, ... It was really refreshing and interesting for me, as a young man learning about modern history and literature, to see how powerful a single writer could be in undermining the whole social mind-set.

Mark Bowden

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