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I like it better like this. I'd rather be the underdogs. I'd rather people not know my name when I come out and do this stuff. Then they'll say, 'Who was that?'

Thomas Carroll

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We know no one has expected us to do what we've done. We know we're the underdogs. But I think that's why we've been playing so well. There is no pressure on our team. They're just going out and having fun and enjoying themselves.

Jen Milne

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We're underdogs here. We have to work for it.

Billy Lunn

I don't think we're underdogs. I don't think any of the people in the locker room think we're underdogs.

Russell Robinson

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It was a great time here. We had great runs in the playoffs. We were underdogs all the time, but we had a lot of good teams. We stuck together all the way until the end.

Alexei Zhitnik

They're great athletes saying 'I want to test my mettle at the highest level and see if my short game can compete against the big hitters,' ... They're getting the attention because they're the underdogs, hitting the 4-iron when the guys are hitting the 8.

Donna Lopiano

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Yeah, it's a smaller area and we're underdogs when compared with teams like Stanford, but that's OK. The people up there have a passion for running and I like the fact that, even though you compete in a smaller sport, everyone will know your name.

Aj Acosta

We are the underdogs. After all, the Russians are the titleholders.

Georges Goven

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We came here as underdogs, but we had good teamwork. That's why we got here.

Jere Lehtinen

We came into the tournament with a horrible record. It was a winning season, but everybody doubted us. South Carolina is this, South Carolina is that, we're underdogs, we're not going to do nothing in the tournament. Hey we're showing people right now we've got a lot of heart and we're tough.

Renaldo Balkman

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We're showing people a lot right now. Nobody thought going into the season that we might even be in first place in the Seamount but that we would be the underdogs.

Shawn Henderson

I'm sure after the Shore Conference (Tournament), everyone thought we were a joke. We take things for granted a lot of times. I think we do better as underdogs.

Tia Curtis

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We have seen this before, but we are big underdogs. All the Valley schools are big underdogs when they get to get to this point. The San Antonio schools are still a little better, but eventually it is going to happen — a Valley team will win.

Patrick Arney

I'm so incredibly proud of this team. We've been the underdogs most of the season. I think we'll be just as strong (in 2006-07).

Cara Bortz

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We're the underdogs and that's a good position to be in.

Amy Leonard

The pressure's off us now. We played most of the district as underdogs. Today we felt like the favorite, so I think we came in a little more nervous and tight than we would have liked. But we'll be pretty loose Monday. We weren't supposed to be here anyway.

Melissa Slone

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They're good people, but they will be underdogs.

Joe Turnham

I don't like being an underdog. We're Florida State. We're not supposed to be underdogs.

Matt Meinrod

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We don't have anything to lose. We come in as the underdogs, so we just go out there and prove that we should be here.

Michael Cole

We have some special, special kids. I think tomorrow we'll probably be huge underdogs, but we're going to show up and give it everything we've got.

Gerald Walsh

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