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[The doctor] said that I was smaller inside and thought that the baby had died. We had an ultrasound and Michael had a heartbeat. I cried my eyes out.

Patricia Prout

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By identifying high-risk patients, ultrasound would allow doctors to provide aggressive treatment early.

Claude Lenfant

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Individuals who are exposed to passive cigarette smoke on a daily basis have more atherosclerosis -- or hardening of the arteries, as measured by ultrasound -- than people who don't.

George Howard

Not everybody can tolerate that. Some already have issues with their legs, and we can't put cuffs on their legs. We perform an ultrasound test on their legs.

Brenda Clark

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We expect in two or three months to do an ultrasound to check the embryos and eggs development. After fertilization we are talking a year for pups to be born and with seven gills there could be 60 or more pups.

Nick Kirby

It was wonderful compared to the first ultrasound where she looked like a gummy bear to actually being able to see all her features from her fingers, fingernails, cheek and nose and see her moving around.

Shelley Payne

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